*  Well-Supervised and Doggie Friendly Environment!
Our daycare backyard and playroom allow dogs to
exercise, socialize, rest, and play with dogs their own
age, temperament, size, and/or energy level.

*  Color Web Cam Located in the Playroom!
Pet parents can log onto to the Kinder Kritter web site
to watch their pet at day camp at any point during the

*  Daycare Packages Available!

6:30a - 7:00p (Mon. - Fri.)
8:00a - 5:00p (Sat.)

29 lbs & under = $22.00/day
30lbs & over = $25.00/day


*  On-site Caretaker
Overnight boarding with an on-site caretaker ensures
each pet guest receives all the love and attention their
parents would give at home.

*  Lots of Interaction and Playtime During their Stay!
Overnight guests participate in daycare activities with
day campers.  Parents can observe their pet's
environment 24 hours/day.

*  Hours:           
6:30a - 7:00p (Mon. - Fri.),
8:00a - 5:00p (Sat.)

*  Pricing:    
29 lbs & under = $32.00 / 24hrs
30lbs & over = $35.00 / 24 hrs


*  Professional Grooming Services for All Breeds!
We offer professional grooming by appointment at
competitive prices.  Drop off to pick up is generally 2-3
hours.  Dogs dropped off for the day may participate in
daycare activities at a half-day rate.

Full service grooms include bathing and breed specific
grooming and specialty cuts for dogs PLUS nail trim,
expression of anal glands, ear cleaning, sanitary
trimming, and shaved pads.

*  A LA Carte Services
Teeth brushing                     $6.00
Nails clipped and ground
29 lbs and under                 $15.00
30-59 lbs                            $18.00
60 lbs & over                         $22.00

Deep skin and hair conditioning $8.00

Warm water therapy treatment and massage treatment
Excellent for arthritic clients  30 minutes  $45

Flea bath                         $7.50  to $10.00
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine $20.00
Food provided for
Daycare or Boarding             $3.00 to   $4.00

After Hours:
Pickup or drop off by appointment  $25.00
Late pickup fee                               $10.00
If dogs are not picked up before 20 minutes past normal
closing time they will be boarded for the night at our normal
boarding rate.

Grooming prices vary according to the size of the dog, the
condition of their coat, which services are done, and the         
length of time necessary for the groom.
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